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Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan

Photographs by Frédéric Lagrange

The Wakhan is located in the extreme north-east of Afghanistan. It contains the headwaters of the Amu Darya (Oxus) River, and was an ancient corridor for travellers from the Tarim Basin to Badakshan. Historically the Wakhan has been an important region for thousands of years as it is where the Western and Eastern portions of Central Asia meet. Wakhan is sparsely populated. The total population is estimated at about 10,600. Most of its inhabitants speak the Vakhi or Wakhi language (x̌ik zik), and belong to an ethnic group known as Vakhi or Wakhi. Nomadic Kyrgyz herders live at the higher altitudes. In 2010 the Wakhan was reported to be peaceful and unaffected by the war. (x)

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